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The Best Gear For the Greatest Military in the World

September 10, 2018

The Best Gear For the Greatest Military in the World

This is how the greatest military in the world currently loads magazines. This tool is from the vietnam era and while it does work,and definitely solved a problem when introduced back in its day.... it doesn't work WELL. Can we do better? At Viking Speedloader we HAVE. Watch the video below using our Viking Speedloader, developed specifically for the military. When comparing these two videos, think about which of these you would rather have in a combat situation.

Our speedloader is made of advanced polymer so that each one is practically indestructible and will last the lifetime of the user. It adheres to noise and light discipline, has no removable parts, is small enough to fit into a cargo pocket and weighs a mere 3.25 ounces. It can be used in no/low light conditions and even by injured personnel. Our speedloader loads a magazine in about 8 seconds and gets you back on target fast.

We believe that the greatest military in the world deserves the very best gear that can be offered.

Many thanks to our Special Forces units who are already utilizing the Viking Speedloader and most recently the 21st Security Forces Squadron over at Peterson Airforce Base!

Spread Freedom faster!

~Troy L Williams, CEO

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