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Bragging Rights

And to think I've been doing this by hand for years. I've never seen anything quite like it. When you see one of those products and you ask yourself, "how is it no one thought of this until now?" Flawless operation, stupid easy, love the Viking speed loader.



Best one hands down, so simple and easy to use. These should be in the hands of every gun enthusiasts and military personnel. Cause when time is of the essence, speed counts. And there's none faster than Viking speedloaders.



Awesome speed loader. Military grade and high speed. Best one hands down. If your not using this your wrong. So easy a kid can use it.



Great product! I can get ready for the range in no time at all. Plus at the range I can I can just keep going without killing my thumbs.



I'm a recreational AR15 shooter and hate loading all my mags for range time. This is an incredible product that is so simple to use. Can't believe nobody has made this before. Now it's fun to load the mags and s show off at the range. Loading a mag in under 10 seconds is crazy. Never had a jam and it works on my new pmags and older stamped. Get one now and stop wasting time loading mags one by one.



Finally a quick and easy way to reload your mags on or off the range. The two piece design is simple and durable which reduces reload time significantly. Best gun accessory buy of the year.!