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How the Viking Speedloader Stands Apart From it's Competitors

April 05, 2018

How the Viking Speedloader Stands Apart From it's Competitors

How we stand apart from our competitors:

*The proprietary plastic used in the molding process makes the product nearly indestructible. Because of this, one unit purchased will last 3-4 times longer than its closest competitor.

**The design is simple, light and easy to use. It’s built off the premise of utilizing gross motor skills instead of fine motor skills like its competitors. This is due in large part to the founder’s own extensive backgrounds in combat operations and training.

**During combat and low light operations, the speedloader is simple to use, small and light enough to be carried in a cargo pocket and sturdy enough to last the lifetime of the user.

**Personnel that are injured or less experienced can utilize the product just as easy as uninjured or experienced personnel.

**The Viking Speedloader is 1.75”x1.5”x6.75” closed and 1.75”x 1.5” x 10.875” extended. It weighs 3.25 ounces and is built to adhere to noise and light discipline. 

**Competitors utilize multiple parts and a less desirable, fragile plastic. The parts from these competitors products are easily lost, broken or dislodged from their frames. They also require fine motor skills to utilize which is less efficient and effective in training and combat.

Viking Speedloaders, a simple, inexpensive, efficient and effective product that when placed in the hands of every soldier, sailor, marine, and airman can save lives in combat, millions of dollars in manhours and base construction for training. Having a more efficient and effective fighting force lends to leaders of all levels the ability to utilize options in scaling units to a smaller, lighter and faster combat machine.

Check out the speedloader in action HERE.

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~Troy L. Williams

CEO, Viking Speedloaders


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