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Review of our Loader

September 04, 2017

Review of our Loader



About two weeks ago, a product came across my feed. You know, one of those "Hey, we think you'll like this cause it fits what you look for" kinda deals. So I bit and took a look at it a little deeper...

I guess you could say after a few minutes of checking out the product and demo video's, I kinda called out the manufacturer as to their product claims of it being faster, better, stronger. Well, they pulled a check mate and said "We'll send you one, try it."

A few days later, it arrived.

I'm kinda "old school", having gone into the Corps in '96 and using the stripper clip spoon for all these years, I've always believed the adage if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I've always been suspect of something that comes out claiming to do this particular task better... and we all know there's a ton of products out there that are a fix to something that isn't broke.

I will say I was surprised at how easy the Viking's Speedloader is to use and how well it performs. It does exactly what the manufacturer says it does... it loads your 223/556 ammo into any sized magazine, USGI or polymer off of the stripper clips. It does it without any fanfare, no fancy attachments or gadgets, lights, buzzers, etc. It does it quickly. With little effort. Efficiently.

It. Just. Works.

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